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Since 1988, Bistango has been one of the best kept secrets on Manhattan's
East Side. Bistango’s reputation for providing appetizing Italian fare in a casual atmosphere has made it a reliable neighborhood staple.

Nonetheless, Bistango is more than a local favorite. Patrons travel from all over the country and the world for its gracious hospitality.

The Kimberly Hotel location

Announced in August 2014, Bistango opens  within The Kimberly Hotel in midtown.

The menu features a varied selection of amazing dishes, any may be prepared either regular or gluten-free.

145 East 50th Street
between Lexington Avenue and Third Avenue
Manhattan, New York 10022
212 888 4121

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Original Kips Bay location

Bistango’s original location continues to serve the local Kips Bay and nearby Murray Hill, Rose Hill and Gramercy Park neighborhoods.

Bistango serves seasonal menus of favorite and tasty new dishes while continuing to provide patron-favorite gluten-free options.

Any dish may be prepared gluten-free.

415 Third Avenue
at corner of East 29th Street
Manhattan, New York 10016
212 725 8484

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Since 2006, Bistango has offered its customers the option of tasty and quality-made gluten-free pastas, stuffed pastas, pizza, bread, desserts, cocktails and beer.

Bistango's gluten-free items are so tasty, and prepared so well, that even its non-celiac patrons enjoy them.




Gluten-Free Stuffed Pasta

Bistango has a wide selection of gluten-free stuffed pastas.

Gluten-Free Bread

Bistango's gluten-free bread has patrons asking for more!

Gluten-Free Desserts

Bistango's handmade gluten-free desserts are so delicious that all patrons grab a fork!



Bistango, serves its customers' evolving attitude to living a healthy lifestyle, while attending to their dietary requirements.

Seasonally Fresh

Bistango is committed to using organic ingredients. Nearly all of our produce, meats and fish are from the wild or harvested in a sustainable manner in order to bring fresh and delicious meals to your table.


Wine Selection

Bistango has a wonderful selection of wine from regions around the planet to compliment any meal.

Specialty Cocktails

Seasons change, as do our selection of cocktails. Autumn is here.